2011, Install window 1 st floor...

Install window 1 st floor

Install windows certainly do with a man that did this repeatedly, and together we set to work on the window frame devitrified level set apart mounting profile (below the photo shows it - 3 pieces), mounted immediately below the sill hooks for the future (3 piece bottom visible).

Top and side frame to reinforce specific for windows and doors with plastic wedges, fasten themselves on the dowel frame to the wall

The next step was to install and foaming tide, so it was done for the reason that it is necessary to shimmer under the froth from the room, that the tide is fully adhered to the foam, then to put foam under the frame

The film was removed from the windows, as we were warned at the factory, the film leaves a mark, if it is not removed in time, 2 weeks - no more! Decided to do so, cover the perimeter of the masking tape and the entire window - plastic wrap, inside and outside, until the time is not yet plastered outer wall of the house and do not paint the hemming and the house itself, as well as the console, do not want to spoil the window accidentally spilled paint on the lamination

Well, here, the house is changing rapidly, it's nice to look at this process, especially if you do it with your hands...

At the exit to the terrace as wanted, organized and fully fixed window glass door, even wanted to avoid the crossbar, but indicated that the stiffness will not be undesirable, succumbed to persuasion, mosquito net on the hinges, but decided not to fix it in place, will still be a lot of work, I'm afraid that accidentally break. It can be seen that the window upstairs put ...

After installing windows, it's time to door installation, the door was ordered in the company, along with installation and delivery, therefore, this process was invisible to me, I just took the finished work in the evening.

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