2011, Concrete floor 1 st floor...

Concrete floor 1 st floor

Continuation of work on floors 1 floor started with leveling floors, it was not very smooth and not suitable for direct laying on her plate insulation (Styrofoam XPS), armed with a bag of plaster, plaster beacons, water, trowel, level, I began to prepare for to the leveling screed, are mixed solution, lined on its "blotch" beacons. Since excess solution I did not want to interfere chose lighthouses 6 mm high, so will tie the order of 8 to 25 mm, which is fine with me.

подготовка стяжки

When pouring of course it turned out that I installed beacons bad - more precisely, of poor quality, they caved in and flew away from the floor, it's taught me, additionally they put on a solution, continued screed.

подготовка стяжки

Trial (for the experience, of course) was flooded with screed

Taking into account the previous mistakes and miscalculations were bought Beacons height of 10 mm, and the solution was diluted beacons installed throughout the living room area, kitchen, of course turned screed height from 15 to 50 mm, but nowhere to go, we will do ..

To avoid a large cement consumption and, as a considerable amount left splinter foam block from the site of the 1st floor, put them (pieces of foam block) to the cause for which they were split into small gravel from 5 to 20 mm slices, then they are mixed into a solution for ties thus did two useful things, get rid of debris and made tie slightly warmer ... and a little easier .... well, a little cheaper, because of the savings of cement.

Well, strap finished, so as not to spoil the extruded polystyrene on the floor and a layer of plywood in the further construction, it was decided not to put him and wait when plastered walls, plastered them well and only after spend wires, electric, yet certainly edited partitions for boiler before installation of the heating system ..

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