Foundation, preparing the ground ...

Since spring 2005 came the hot days are to start work on preparations for the construction of the foundation, which is just as important as the filling of the foundation.

Of course the first thing we visited the area in April, to look how much and what to what, they saw us a little disappointed, melt water is not particularly willing to seep through from the area, turning walking on it is not very enjoyable, as was noticed that no drainage work will not do That was done (discussed later).

Water is at ground level

From last year's mount of the fence left a lot of rubbish, we will remove ..


... and barbecue

As you remember, we are building in an open field, there is no shelter from the rain, no place to hide the shovel ... For sittings and dinners made a small house from scraps of old boards and various boxes. For secreting shovel was purchased almost for nothing small garage.

House for sittings

Garage and Generator

We have no electricity, so that was acquired GASOLINE GENERATORS Briggs & Stratton, 2,7 kW of power experienced in the repair garage (drill holes to strengthen the doors).

Needless to build a toilet, it's almost the most important thing.

Also for the works were purchased tools: mixers, wheelbarrows, shovels, and other necessary things ....want to see next?, click the link "forward"!

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