Foundation, fill columns...


Also faced with the problem of water in holes until the drilling goes, she has been recruited slowly, just wait - and half holes water supplied, water or perched water, or undercoat, do not understand, got rid of the problem is simple - stick and tin can in the end, scooped and poured out

water in hole

As part of holes turned out to be quicksand, that's a terrible thing, he quickly filled the hole with wet sand, making the big washout in the side walls of the borehole. A small delay in filling - and had to drill practical from scratch.

quicksand in hole

In addition to the above, faced with the problem clogged drill wet clay that had to pick out a board.

clean drill

Single theme - it rocks in a well, how many nerves are spoiled, small stones fetch zemlepriemnik, and they quietly went outside. Greater concern brought the stones that were half in the wall of a future well, they gave no turning borax, with the force pulling the drill, they sometimes crawled into the hole and went inside zemlepriemnika, but larger specimens made ??drilling nearly impossible. Wrestled with this conventional shovel, which undermined the stone from the top and pick out a pipe into the hole, especially the large stones had to get special accessories - nets of sticks and a piece of iron. Below is a particularly memorable stone left in the wall of the well hole is visible from it.

stone in the hole

The penetration hole expansion was not so complicated, it took no more than 10-15 minutes, possibly due to its small diameter (40 cm). At the final hole, after the sinking of expansion, reinforcement cage was placed and immediately poured the first batch to frame held vertically, instead of the vibrator used sticks, shaking their protruding ends, the concrete mixture compacted.

арматура в лунке
Armature skeleton in the hole

Next in the hole inserted cuff roofing material, "jacket"of a future column, their pre-produced cut to size of the required diameter of wire staples.

"shirt" column

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