Foundation, fill columns...


When lowering the "shirt" in the well, it depends on the first batch of poured concrete, and keep it on the weight was not necessary, then poured the remaining batch of concrete, just a post takes about 100-120 liters of ready mix.

столбик готов
finished column of concrete

After pouring the column to the desired mark us, again shaking the bars to seal the mixture and exit of air bubbles out of concrete.

Say little about the methods of preparation and pouring of concrete. Having no experience in this case, there were no errors, ie superfluous gestures. We first tried to pour concrete from the mixer directly into the hole, but it was extremely uncomfortable, interfere with valves, asphalt shirt, was not a suitable device which provides a convenient transshipment from the mixer into the hole a little stream, or concrete crashed anywhere. It was decided to shed beside a wheelbarrow, a shovel from the car to overload the well, it improved the situation, the concrete was laid without a loss. But the method remained incorrect, the concrete mixer was kept close to the flooded holes, not to chase away car, but had to drive for dry mixes - gravel, sand and cement, and more water to the barrel. Tried to improve the situation in advance on a piece of rolled roofing material poured proportion mixtures for each batch, and they took them closer to the mixer.

Drove the components in advance, this is a mistake ...

But this has not facilitated the work. Thought, did the most simple solution, which should be in this situation, put the mixer between the heaps of sand and gravel, and carried out the wheelbarrow, it is easier for labor and accelerated prootsess.

Placed mixer near the piles, was better

The very process of manufacturing concrete mixer was fast, just 3-4 minutes and the mixture is ready, the component was packing and interfered in the following order, let the blender, fill with water, sprinkled gravel, steep - washed gravel, cement sprinkled, twisted, sprinkled a little sand, adding Water as needed. Dump the mixture into the car, again poured water to the blade and the inner surface of the tank agitators are not frozen, the water was the same for the next batch ..

замес в мешалке
we make concrete, I and my wife

After pouring the columns hiding a piece of roofing material from drying out and periodically poured into the water to maintain moisture and prevent cracking of concrete

укрытые столбы
Columns of have covered

During the 10 days, was filled with 37 pillars under the house and 3 in the open porch.

столбы готовы

The next step was to prepare and fill grillage. Want to see next?, click the link "forward"! .

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