Foundation, fill grillage...


10 tons of sand scattered - were transported in a wheelbarrow on the foundation for 4 hours, shaped ridges with an approximate volume and light compaction and the bottom level of future grillage.

What left of the sand pile

раскидал песок
Scattered sand

Pulling the string with a reference to the device (nails on her left and pulled the string on them), said the position grillage bottom, and made of logs "press" with a pen, began to form a path for future placement formwork and gravy with water from the bottle.

начало трамбовки
Began ramming bank filling

Gradually shedding water and ramming, moved around the perimeter of the foundation, it is quite possible that this stage and did not require such tenacity and strength, but fear that by pouring sand grillage not rammed come out from under the formwork and the concrete will spill, did not give me rest.

I ram

Finished the from the rammer bank filling, formed a "bed" grillage

готова подсыпка
"bed " grillage formed

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