Foundation, fill grillage...


The photo shows a slope of land bank filling is made from 0 to 40 cm.

bank filling is ready

The next step was the formation of formwork, an important task. As shuttering grillage is placed directly on the bank filling, it must be secured from sliding to the side, for this the entire length of the basement on both sides of every meter were packed wooden stakes. Sensitize them, scored to the strong soil through the bank filling..

Scoring stakes limiters formwork

Buying the two cubic meters of planks 25 * 150, brought a wife, son and daughter that helped for 1 day assemble boards of 3000 by 600, and from them to lay down a wall formwork, the work was much easier than I expected ...

Finished Formwork

Formwork was easy to fold, but how much effort it took to shuttering stops ... 2 days from the dawn to dusk preparing stakes, then planks stops, waving a hammer, beating them securely into the ground ...

Pegs stops formwork

Also, in order to cement grout for filling does not run away in the bank filling and grillage was a reliable and strong buy roofing material and lined the bottom of formwork, reinforcement through piercing Roofing Sheet (this played a role clipping grillage from pillar to post to the moisture did not penetrate directly into the concrete grillage, the way it has confirmed its viability in the future). Then he thought, and lay a completely entire inner surface of formwork, beat her stapled to the walls.

After ruberod has been laid, it was the turn of vertical reinforcement in general, the vertical reinforcement in concrete structures shall be determined by calculation, it is necessary to prevent chipping concrete on priopornyh surfaces, we have support surfaces - one pillar, but the load - is negligible, so in my case it was purely structural purpose, namely, styling and retention of workers rods on the top and bottom grillage.

Reinforced formwork and lined with roofing material

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