Foundation, fill grillage...


In the corner of the grillage vertical rebar placed here in this way, and reinforcement rods on both sides evenly formed and were tied.

angle part of the grillage

Because at the time of the design assumed the brick chimney-flue and ventilation in one place, provided the broadening of the foundation strip and additional posts, which was done.

расширение под трубу
broadening the foundation

After training, was purchased and brought to the working valves AIII 14 mm, 4 rod from the bottom and 4 rod on top, before you buy were made thoughts of cutting it without reserve and with the greatest benefit. Total cut was bars, so that was enough just in size, with the necessary overlap (not less than 50 cm turned out) and the rest was a piece of 70 cm!

Armature generally associated haywire.

арматура рабочая
installation armature

арматура в уширении
Armature in the broadening of the foundation

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