Foundation, fill grillage...


In the corner formwork armature were placed from wall to wall, no docking rod to rod, laying rebar in the corner junction has always raised questions among new developers, I have done so.

Armature in the angular junction of the grillage

Then came the decisive day, day of filling the foundation on concrete node were ordered 10 cubic meters of concrete M200. Are invited 3 people + me. The machine came with concrete, and throwing out a trench, in turn driving up to every corner of the formwork, as we shovel the concrete was broken up further, with the empty mold it seemed that no problems, the concrete is well spread out under the shovels and pushes his weight, but it became worse when the angles and low Mid formwork is filled with concrete, it was pushed much harder.

Filled concrete from this angle


Concrete was even a little more than necessary, the formwork was filled above the alleged mark, almost to the brim.

Filled concrete, I thanked friends and God, with a clear conscience goes home to rest, because the days were cloudy then the concrete from drying did not close right away, hid in the coming days.


The next step was the removal of formwork and drainage works about foundation, Want to see next?, click the link "forward"!

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