Foundation, fill grillage...

Preparation for pouring the grillage began with the preparation of "bed" which hoisted the grillage until it hardens and does not hang on the pillars.

After drilling of pillars left heaps of useless clay as her utilization was needed, it was worth thinking how to do it intelligently and quickly.

Clay from drilling pillars

Decided to begin to form a "bed" of this clay to the level of pillars from the ground, so that future bank filling out of the sand to remove the same distance from the bottom of the grillage to ground level - 10-15 cm was putting clay tamper with the entire length of the basement, except for the high side (where the columns sticking out at least).

Start building "bed" under the grillage

On weekends, taking a tent, many beers and friends, came to develop a difficult matter - the formation of bank filling, ahead was ordered 10 tons of sand, and it only just enough for the bank filling.

Sand for bank filling

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