Foundation, drainage works +...


Inside the pit was dug hole borer to a depth of 2 meters, and filled with gravel. They had to seep through the water (but as time has shown, it is enough only for a short rain in the summer).

Pit holes

I storm holes...

Drill hole

Fill hole gravel

gravel in hole

After filling the hole, a hole half filled with gravel.

Pelted with gravel pit

On top of the gravel laid roofing material, to the ground is not silted ditch.

Roofing material to prevent siltation

After that, put the old unneeded clay, drill excavated, and filled all the earth, tamped. It remains to fill the trench with gravel and drainage is ready.

Dug a well and masked

Doing the dismantling of formwork. Since roofing directly stuck to the grillage, then remove it until the need no longer required, it serves as a seal section.

Formwork unmounted

The next step was to remove the sand bank filling. Accurately shovel out of the grillage removed the sand, leaving a gap of about 10-15 cm (Gap needed to compensate for the frost heaving of the ground that proshodit on my site every year, and this gap was chosen almost entirely in the winter and gradually recovered in the spring).

Grillage hanging above the ground

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