Foundation, drainage works +...


To close the gap grillage of land have been used pieces of old boards (sand to blind area is not falling down into the gap) of their accurately set to the grillage and rolled on the bank filling sand and clay dug from the drainage.

close gap

гравий в траншею
Gravel placed into a trench

Laying gravel took about one-third the height of the trench.

гравий в траншее
Third of the height of the trench

On the coarse gravel rolling in a layer of gravel, fraction 5-20, 10-15 cm

сверху мелкий гравий
Upper gravel

Gravel as ramming down.

To lay and ramming

On the gravel pour a layer of sand, well-ramming.

песок сверху

Buries the trench with snow already on the grass (winter soon)

зарыли землей
Buries trench

Phase of at this year's finish and go home to rest, to save power and money for next year's construction.

готов к зиме
that is all

Next year is going to do a wall of floor.... Want to see next?, click the link "forward"!

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