Foundation, drainage works +...

Since the soil in my part of the problem in finding it snowmelt and other water that proved this spring, then, without thinking twice, decided to create a bypass drainage around the foundation. The upper layer of soil, as already indicated, the order of 60-70 cm is composed of sand, clay below is that even poorly permeable to water, respectively, to dig deeper does not make sense because the water must be removed by gravity rather than pumping in buckets from the well. Therefore, mark the rope path began to dig trenches. Digging a 3 salable, the wife of felled vegetation layer, mother-in-law deepened bayonet spade, and I'm standing in a trench, picked up the remains of clay, trying to smooth the bottom of the trench bottom.

I am with mother-dig trenches

The highest angle drainage


вид сверху
View of the drainage and foundation

For the well was dug pit meter depth and the same width and length. It was precisely at the lowest point and was connected to the trench.

поглотительный колодец
Pit well absorbent and trench

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