1 floor, build a small house...

Visiting the area in early spring, first of all we looked at how wintered foundation, and whether our drainage coped with his work, and of course the adoption of solutions as the foundation of a house will grow on it, wood or stone, grillage detailed inspection, we found no apparent damage and changes. Drainage ditches almost sunk, as expected, but in near the basement was dry.

Overwintered foundation

We remember the bad word the night in a tent, rain and wet stuff. We thought and decided that it is necessary to build a barn for the night during the work on the construction of a floor. To simplify the design was chosen frame construction with beveled roof, simple with a minimum of amenities: a bed, table and window. The design should stand 2-3 years and then we would have it sorted out for further use of building materials.

We started with the installation of piping bottom shed - timber with a waterproofing roofing material, size 3000 * 2000.

like a foundation

Frame barn made from the disassembled form panels.

Frame barn

Framework for the skeleton amassed on the ground and exposed vertically.


Made 4 frames.

almost ready structure

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