Buying a area, first steps ...

After the decision on building a house had to think about not only what will be the next house, but also about where it will be that way, half the success of this case, as like to live close to the city and the need for urban transport is important for movement to home was chosen as a site in the city, land settlement, the process of buying land was not very complicated, and from the height of the time, I can say that I was just lucky, because the land has risen in price in just a couple of years to such an amount, which I did not ever earn.

Arriving at the specified location, and examined him, made ??the decision - we'll take it! The only thing that was not very good, it's no electricity (but the posts were that lulled our disbelief), but for the assurances of Acting chairman of the cooperative individual houses through which the buying process, it promised to connect soon (cheated, of course ....).

The place was quite nice, near the forest, pine trees, birch forest, to the bus stop 1 km.

After a call to surveyors and area layout, it was decided to erect a temporary fence to indicate, so to speak, future possessions, mistakes certainly did not escape, listening to a companion with whom began the construction site, and save money collected columns of dead trees in the nearby woods.

Sitting for barbecue

Carry the first pillar from the woods

Put up pillars

By purchasing a pair of of machines planks, made fence

Fence my land and the neighbor-friend

That's all affairs in 2004 were over, it's time to do the paperwork for the land, registration graphic design home, want to see next?, click the link "forward"

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